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Program Benefits

What is Accelerate?

The Animal Health Industry is important to Bayer. Accelerate aims to provide you with the tools and information that will help increase your knowledge, skills and experience to provide the best advice, products and service to your customers.

By joining Accelerate, you will have:

  • Access to eLearning modules 24/7
  • The opportunity to earn continuous education points that can be submitted to your stage registration board
  • Access to the DRIVE Education Program online, wherever you are
  • The ability to participate in promotions and other activities

Course Centre

Learn from Veterinary Specialists and Key Opinion Leaders on a range of medical, business and product specific topics. Upon successful completion of a course, you will receive a certificate that you download and print.



Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

You can earn continuous education points by completing our training modules.

Which courses count towards CPD points?

 All our courses count as structured courses with the exception of the Product Training section.

How many CPD points are the courses worth?

Generally, 60mins worth of training equals one CPD point. You can find the duration of the courses in the course centre.

How will I get my CPD points?

After successful completion of a course, simply download the certificate to your computer and submit it to your state registration board for CPD points.

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